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oh dark sally

wow oh wow this place is amazing i never want to leave. rachel and radio are the masterminds behind queer pirate armies everywhere!
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Rachel...mew.....soooo kawaiiii. Who cares if she's hrm 12 years older then me or something...heh s'all good. Anyhoo besides the mad genius of her art displayed on LUX.......what's up. King Cobra is playing at homo-a-gogo.......and Team Dresch! wooooo! Erm we need more queer music chicks in SoCal 'cause Squab is soooo not cutting it(and I've managed to miss the last two, once a year, butchies gigs at the Troubadour) gaw my life sucks. Oooo anyone know who the cute girl who works at Amoeba records is? She likes the Need...and is totally hot but that's all I know. So if anyones in the area...yea. Hm I sound like an idiot, but hey, if it'll get some posts...huzzuh for me!
hey there
know wotcha mean we need queer chicks here too, here there and everywhere.i dj at a queer club night its on monday, lotsa need! hav u heard the king cobra cover on hte krs comp of this town aint big enough for the bost of us. its beautiful. rachel...yes!
I haven't heard it sadly ><; alas...but hey in three months I'm going to be in Santa Cruz....supposedly the queer grrl concentration is double that of San Fran (re: ummmmm 5x10^-16 more girls per m^2)...hehe physics is eating my brain. Anyhooo why won't circuit side release more then a sampler ^^;
(re: ummmmm 5x10^-16 more girls per m^2 then in LA I mean...)
hey whats going on i am in a punk band called the gas cap bandits we r from indian lake ohio we are trying to get some fans we are going to be sending out demo cd so please comment on our livejournal thing our user name is gascapbandits please comment